FeralTech Star Picket Camera Mount

NEW FeralTech Star Picket Camera Mount

The FeralTech Star Picket Camera Mount allows simple, secure camera mounting and positioning for the best field of view in multiple locations. The powder coated metal bracket slips over standard sized star pickets and is secured in place with a 6mm hex key grub screw. The Stainless Steel Mini Mount is designed to attach directly to the back or bottom of your camera using the 1/4-20 nut embedded in the case of the camera. The 1/4-20 nut is the industry standard. 

This mount can be fastened to almost any surface which allows you to mount your camera almost anywhere!

Mount comes with the star picket bracket, 2 additional bases, 2 ceramic coated timber screws, and 1 camera mount which makes moving your camera a breeze.  You can effortlessly mount your camera high in a tree, on a star picket or on a building and angle it to point in virtually any direction.

Once you have your 3 bases fastened to your location choices you can quickly and easily move your camera and mount it in any difficult position without a single tool. 

Caution - Never mount cameras on the same posts securing a trap panel or severe damage may result. Always mount cameras on a separate 2.4m long star picket at least 300mm outside the trap enclosure!

  • Brand: FeralTech
  • Product Code: I032
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $54.00
  • Ex GST: $49.09
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