Pro Tip 4 - Fixing Grey Or Streaked Photos

Posted by Nigel Kimball 28/10/2020 4 Comment(s) M.I.N.E.™ Trapping Pro Tips,

Recently we have had a couple of customers exeperience issues with recieving grey or streaked images as well as what appeared to be a malfunctioning PIR motion sensor on thier I.C.E.™ Cam.


In both cases the cause of the issue was a corrupt SD Card or SD Card that had been used without being formatted first, and the cameras were unable properly write photos taken to the SD Card and then transmit them across the network.


What generally starts out as a portion of the photo grayed out until eventually the entire screen looks like an old TV screen with no signal, is a sign that the SD Card is corrupt or needs formatting. If this issue is left long enough it is then the camera is liklery to not be able to save any photo at all and hence not transmit - making it appear as if the PIR sensor is not working.


To fix these issues, the next time you are at your camera, turn it off, then back onto setup. Press menu and right arrow 2 times to access the system tab, and then the down arrow 4 times and highlight format, press OK then left arrow to highlight yes and press OK again.


This action will format your SD Card and in doing so delete all the photos and clear it out. If you find this does not work then you will need to replace the SD Card in your camera.


To prevent these issues is to format the SD card during initial setup. If you happen to notice any one of these while your camera is taking photos, get out there as quickly as possible to format or replace the SD card in your camera.

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