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We receive a lot of phone calls often when customers are deploying or redeploying their cmaeras and traps sue to the images not being transmitted through to the chosen destination.  This can be due to several different issues, this article will walk you through some of the most common issues, however if these do not correct your issues please feel free to contact us for additional assistance.



When activating your new prepaid SIM Card please ensure to select "Phone & Data" option and NOT the "Data Only" option.  If you have accidentaly selected the "Data Only" option when registering your SIM you will need to contact your provider to get this swapped over to enable "Phone & Data".  The cameras require the ability to transmit text messages as well as the images, hence the phone and data requirements.

Please also ensure that your new card has credit available for use.  Note that upon activation there might be a slight delay in activation and ability for use, this should not be any more than an hour or so.



If  you have been provided a SIM Card from your Technology Dpatarment please contact them to ensure that the SIM still has "Pone & Data" capabilities.  We have, on a number of occassions, had customers call to report that their once working system is no longer working.  Often we have found that the Technology Department has converted the SIM to a "Data Only" SIM, this will need to be converted back to "Phone & Data".



If the above issues have been addressed and you are still having issues the following may be of assistance.


Check the mode & destination details

FIrst we need to ensure that the camera is set up to capture Photos and not videos.  This can be checked in the "Camera Tab" in the main menu.  Secondly we need to check the other sending details to ensure it is set up correctly.  Navigate through the menu to the "Wireless Tab".  Check that the "Send Mode" is set to "Instant" and that the "Max Num" field is set to Zero (0), this will allow unlimited images to be sent through to your chosen location.  Check the "Send Via" option to your chosen option, either MMS for sending to mobile or email and Premium if you are utilising the App.  In the "Send to" option slelct phone, email or both as your preferrd option.  Next is to check the mobile or email entered into the camera, this can be done in the "Phone" option, ensure that all relevant mobile and email details are entered correctly.


Check SD Card

If is also good paractice to ensure that the card is free from issues and has available space fo ryou next campaign.  We will, as good practice, format our SD Cards prior to our next campaign.  This can either be done in camera or on your computer prior to heading out into the field.  A reminder here also that the cameras can only support up to a 32 GB SD Card.


Testing with a manual photo

Move the selector switch to the SETUP, allow approximately 30 seconds for the camera to connect to the network.  Once this is completed press the OK button, this will immediately capture a photo and send the image by programmed settins.  YOu should be able to see messages that the mage is "Sending" followed by "Sent".  If you are not seeing these messages then you may have a network connection issue, please check to ensure you have good mobile coverage.  If successful you should receive the image to the chosen location within a shourt period of time.


Low Batteries

Another common issue with cameras not transmitting images is due to low batteries.  We recommend using high quantity lithium batteries or our solar options during deployment.


If these tips have not solved your issues please feel free to give us a call for additional troubleshooting assistance.

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