Application Note 5 - Buckeye Cam CellBase Battery Power

Posted by Nigel Kimball 28/10/2020 0 Comment(s) Buckeye Cam Application Notes,

The Buckeye Cam CellBase includes an AC/DC wall adapter power supply and a 12v external battery cable.  The AC/DC wall adapter power supply is intended for indoor applications only.  For outdoor applications, the 12v external battery cable should be used to connect a 12v marine grade battery (sold separately) with a minimum 75Ah to the CellBase.  We recommend using the Century Marine Pro N70ZM-MF and storing this in a battery box (sold separately), such as the Baintech Power Battery Box, to protect it from the weather.


The connections should be as shown below. 


An optional 12v minimum 50w solar panel with integrated charge controller may be used for ensuring continuous supply without the need for swapping batteries over.

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