FeralTech Rigid Panel Anchor Rod

Order Offline FeralTech Rigid Panel Anchor Rod

FeralTech Rigid Panel Anchor Rods are 1850mm x 18mm solid black steel anchor rod with a 150mm right angled handle and tapered point on the bottom used to connect FeralTech's Rigid Trap Panels together, and anchor to them to the ground.

Please note: you will require one additional Anchor Rod than the number of Rigid Panels needed when pairing with a JAGER PRO Trapping Gate.  (i.e. 12 FeralTech Rigid Panels and 13 FeralTech Rigid Panel Anchor Rods).

  • Brand: FeralTech
  • Product Code: I005-C
  • Availability: Order Offline
  • $30.35
  • Ex GST: $27.59
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